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Session I
P1 Allard Nicole Study of the K-H2 quasi-molecular line satellite
P2 Babb James Experimental and theoretical study of alkali line broadening for astrophysical applications
P3 Andersson Martin MF-Dependent Lifetimes Due to Hyperfine Induced Interference Effects
P4 Bayet Estelle Importance of the molecular photo-destruction cross sections to model the ISM
P5 Biemont Emile The database DESIRE
P6 Bouledroua Moncef Isotopic and Symmetry Effects in the Study of Cold Monatomic 85Rb and 87Rb Gases
P7 Brage Tomas Interference effects on lifetimes in low-Z Ni-like ions
P8 Buhr Henrik High precision electron-ion collision experiments at the Heidelberg storage ring TSR
P9 Busquet Michel Recent advances in atomic physics codes for astrophysics studies
P10 Carrasco Nathalie Comparison of two major sources of uncertainty in Titan ionospheric chemistry model
P11 Celiberto Roberto 14 eV Resonant Processes in e-H2 scattering
P12 Clark Robert Collisional-Radiative Models of Low Ionized Rare Gas Plasmas
P13 Cornille Marguerite Atomic data for Ar ions
P14 Cosse Philippe Detailed versus statistical approachs for spectral opacity calculations: study of LTE iron plasmas
P15 Deb Narayan C. Breit-Pauli calculation of Mg V transitions among 2s22p4, 2s22p5, 2p6, 2s22p33l
P16 Delahaye Franck From accurate atomic data to ellaborate stellar modelling
P17 Eidelsberg Michèle Recent progress in oscillator strengths and photodissociation rates for CO in the 925-1600 A range
P18 Farrell Peter An Atomic Database at Queen's University Belfast
P19 Fischer Charlotte The MCHF/MCDHF Collection of transition data
P20 Flannery Raymond Theory of Radiative-Stark Mixing at Ultra-Cold Energies
P21 Gheisari Rouhollah Nuclear fusion rate for an ordinary ddµ ion
P22 Hammer Thomas Ionization Model for Methane Combustion
P23 Hammouda Amirouche Imaging system by Microwave for Materials defects Characterisation
P24 Han Xiao-Ying The importance of both electron correlations and relativistic effects for intermediate-Z elements
P25 Hasuo Masahiro Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Excited Neon Atoms in a liquid-nitrogen-temperature Glow Discharge Plasma under a Strong Magnetic Field
P26 Houfek Karel Cross Sections and Rate Constants of Resonant Electron Collisions with Molecular Hydrogen and Hydrogen Halides
P27 Hudson Claire Fine Structure Effective Collision Strengths for the Electron Impact Excitation of the ion Ca VI
P28 Humbert Denis Database on excitation cross sections of Ar and Xe by electron impact
P29 Imai Makoto Establishment of new database engine for experimental-charge-exchange-collision cross-sections
P30 Inal Mokhtar Effect of directional energetic electrons on the density diagnostic of hot plasmas
P31 Iwamae Atsushi Anisotropic proton velocity distribution function in plasmas by means of polarization measurement on magnetic dipole transitions
P32 Jiao Charles Cross Sections for Collisions of Charged Particles with n-Butane
P33 Kato Daiji NIFS databases for atomic and molecular collisions and plasma-wall interaction
P34 Katsonis Konstantinos The GAPHYOR Data Center
P35 Koerber Achim Absorption spectra of gaseous indium monohalides: experiments and simulations
P36 Koubiti Mohammed Stark lineshape calculations with different atomic physics data
P37 Kramida Alexander NIST's Bibliographic Databases on Atomic Spectra
P38 Krstic Predrag Reflection and chemical sputtering spectra at fusion edge plasma facing carbon
P39 Lange Michael Benchmark measurements of differential cross-sections for electron-impact excitation using a time-of-flight approach
P40 Larsson Mats Data base for dissociative recombination processes

Session II
P41 Lashkul Sergei Spectral measurements in the experiments with additional heating on the tokamak FT-2
P42 Lezius Matthias Importance of atomic and molecular data in strong field laser matter interaction
P43 Lister Graeme The role of chemi-ionization in fluorescent lamp discharge
P44 Lomsadze Bachana Systematic measurements in closed electron shell interaction particles
P45 Maynard Gilles Calculation of Collision Cross Sections with CTMC Codes
P46 Meftah Ali Observation and interpretation of 4f12-4f11, 5d tranditions in the Tm3+ free ion spectrum
P47 Mendoza Claudio OPserver: opacities and radiative accelerations on demand
P48 Mueller Alfred Fine-structure resolved photoionization of metastable Be-like ions
P49 Oliver Paul Breit-Pauli Oscillator Strengths and Transition Probabilities for Transitions among the Fine-Structure Levels of Cl I
P50 Olsen Karen NIST Atomic Databases and Units Markup Language
P51 Pappu Avnindra Atomic structure calculations of chlorine like titanium
P52 Pellerin Stéphane Linear and non-linear laser spectroscopy in studies of low-temperature and high-density plasmas
P53 Podobedov Vyacheslav Water-vapor Continuum Absorption: Experiment and Modeling in the THz Region
P54 Purohit Ghanshyam Triple differential cross section data of (e, 2e) processes on Be, Mg and Ca atoms
P55 Ralchenko Yuri NIST Numerical Databases for Atomic and Plasma Physics
P56 Reader Joseph Spectrum and Energy Levels of Mo VI
P57 Roudjane Mourad High Resolution Vacuum Ultraviolet Emission Spectrum of D2 from 78 to 103 nm
P58 Roueff Evelyne Databases for radiative emission probabilities of molecular hydrogen and simulation of experiments.
P59 Rudzikas Zenonas Rokus Generation of Atomic Data for Complex Many-Electron Atoms and Ions
P60 Ryabtsev Alexandr The 4d95p2 Configuration in the In III, Sn IV, Sb V and Te VI Spectra
P61 Safronova Marianna Atomic properties of Li, Na, K, Rb, Ga, Cs, Tl, Fr, Mg+, Ca+, Sr+, Cd+, Ba+, Hg+, and Ra+
P62 Saha Biswajit Transition properties of plasma embedded ion: a multi-configuration Dirac-Fock study
P63 Sakaue Atsushi Polarization resolved plasma spectroscopy on LHD: Emission locations, temperature and flow of neutral hydrogen
P64 Sakaue Hiroyuki M-shell dielectronic recombination and ionization of Fe ions
P65 Salama Farid Spectroscopy of Interstellar Carbon Molecules: From Laboratory to Space. Recent Advances in Laboratory Studies and the Search for Carbon Molecules in Interstellar Spectra
P66 Salzborn Erhard Charge Transfer in Homonuclear Collisions of Heavy Ions
P67 Schneider Ioan F. Reactive collisions of electrons with molecular cations: computation and comparison with storage ring and plasma experiments
P68 Scott Penny Electron Impact Excitation of Fe-peak Ions of Astrophysical Importance
P69 Sebiskveradze David Absolute emission cross section of dissociative products in He+- N2, O2 collisions
P70 Spielfiedel Annie Rotational excitation of CS and SiO molecules by collisions with Helium
P71 Tayal Swaraj Electron Collision Excitation of O II, O IV, and Fe XIV
P72 Thorn Penny Cross Sections for Low Energy Electron Impact Excitation of the Electronic States of Water
P73 Vieitez Maria Ofelia High resolution XUV laser spectroscopy of HD and D2
P74 Wiese Wolfgang Towards Better Assessment of Atomic Transition Probabilities
P75 Wyart Jean-francois Observation and interpretation of emission spectra of free ions Nd3+ and Nd4+
P76 Yamamoto Norimasa Modeling for Non-equilibrium plasma diagnostics for LHD and Solar-B
P77 Yan Jun CRAAMD Atomic and Molecular Database
P78 Yoon Jung-sik Recent Progresses of Plasma Property (Atomic and Molecular) Database for Industrial Plasma
P79 Zatsarinny Oleg Systematic calculations of oscillator strengths in noble gases.
P80 Zeng Siliang Multi-Configuration Distorted-Wave Approximation in Electron-Impact Ionization of Ar6+
P81 Brunger Michael, Kim Yong-Ki † Excitation of CO by Electron Impact